Availability of Dialysis Facilities in Minoritized Racial/Ethnic Group Areas


This brief is one of a series of findings briefs documenting disparities in geographic access to health services for ZIP code tabulation areas (ZCTAs) containing a high proportion of minoritized racial/ethnic residents. The brief looks at the availability of dialysis providers in minoritized racial/ethnic areas.

Key Findings:

  • Within rural ZCTAs, median distance to the nearest dialysis facility ranged from 10.5 miles for top non-Hispanic Black ZCTAs to 18.9 miles for top American Indian/Alaska Native ZCTAs. Rural ZCTAs for top non-Hispanic White residents were a median of 16.6 miles from the nearest dialysis facility.
  • Within urban ZCTAs, median distance to the nearest dialysis facility was 1.4 miles for non-Hispanic Asian ZCTAs and 8.9 miles for the top American Indian/Alaska Native ZCTAs. However, among urban ZCTAs, non-Hispanic White ZCTAs had the greatest median distance of 10.1 miles.
  • Across all ZCTAs, rural locations had a median distance of 14.3 miles to care versus 4.3 miles for urban ZCTAs.
  • The more remote the ZCTA the greater the median distance to care. Distance increases from 16.0 miles in Level 1 Frontier & remote (FAR) Area Designations to 32.3 miles in Level 4 FAR areas versus 12.2 miles for “All other” rural ZCTAs.
Rural and Minority Health Research Center
Janice Probst, Peiyin Hung, Gabriel Benavidez, Abbey Hunter, Jan Eberth