Jan Eberth, PhD

Deputy Director, South Carolina Rural Health Research Center

Phone: 803.576.5770
Email: jmeberth@mailbox.sc.edu

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of South Carolina
915 Greene St
Columbia, SC 29208

Current Projects - (1)

Completed Projects - (2)

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Bypass Behavior and Outcomes
    Studies have shown that increased distance to the closest endoscopy provider is associated with lower screening utilization among Medicare enrollees. The purpose of this study is to expand beyond the Medicare population to examine the travel behaviors of the entire population, comparing urban vs. rural residents in obtaining endoscopies for colorectal cancer screening.
    Research center: South Carolina Rural Health Research Center
    Topics: Cancer, Health promotion and disease prevention, Medicare
  • Potential Impact of ESRD Payment Reform on Rural Dialysis Patients
    This study will estimate the potential implications of rural dialysis facility loss for rural patients. Specifically, we will identify low-volume dialysis facilities in rural areas, profile the patients they serve, and estimate the additional travel burden that these patients would experience if facilities close.
    Research center: South Carolina Rural Health Research Center
    Topics: Health services, Hospitals and clinics

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