About the Rural Health Research Gateway

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We provide easy and timely access to research and findings of the FORHP-funded Rural Health Research Centers, 1997-present. Our goal is to help move new research findings of the Rural Health Research Centers to various end users as quickly and efficiently as possible. This site can be used to find:

The Gateway provides publication and project information from 1997-present. For comprehensive information on research center publications, including earlier reports and those funded by other agencies, please visit each Center's website.

The Rural Health Research Gateway website is hosted at the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health with funding from HRSA's Federal Office of Rural Health Policy.

Gateway Staff

Per Ostmo Per Ostmo, MPA
Program Director

Jessica Rosencrans Jessica Rosencrans, BBA
Communication Specialist

Jennifer Lang Jennifer Lang, BBA, CRM
Web Specialist

About the Rural Health Research Centers Program

The Rural Health Research Center (RHRC) Program is the only Federal program that is dedicated entirely to producing policy-relevant research on healthcare in rural areas. The Centers study critical issues facing rural communities in their quest to secure adequate, affordable, high-quality health services for their residents. The Centers' research findings inform a wide audience of decision-makers concerned with rural health and have been instrumental in bridging gaps between policy and program needs.

The RHRC program was initiated in 1988 and is administered by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), Health Resources and Services Administration.

Each year, specific research projects for the Centers are selected jointly by the RHRC directors and FORHP. Topics are selected to have a timely impact on policy debates and decisions at both federal and state levels.