Accessibility Features of the Rural Health Research Website

This website is designed and coded with the goal of making it accessible to everyone. However, the site does host selected content produced by other sources, such as multimedia and PDF files, that may not be fully accessible. This page provides information on specific features that facilitate access.

Skip Links

Each page of this site begins with a link that enables you to skip past the navigation links directly to the content of the page. The link is not visible because it is a one pixel by one pixel transparent image.

Additional Features


The primary content of this site has been tested against the accessibility standards established by the U.S. Federal government's Section 508 and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Compliance was tested using UsableNet's 508 Accessibility Suite for Dreamweaver, Bobby, and manual testing. Selected content hosted on this site from other sources, such as multimedia and PDF files, may not meet these standards.


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