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  • Healthcare Access and Status Among Rural Children
    Date: 08/2019
    More than half (56.6%) of all rural counties in the U.S. do not have a pediatrician, which can have a negative effect on the health status of rural children. This Recap provides a summary of the research on pediatric health status, health outcomes, and access to care in rural areas.
  • Opioid Use and Treatment Availability
    Date: 01/2018
    This resource examines opioid use in rural communities, as well as the perceived need for and utilization of treatment for opioid use disorder, based on a summary of the Rural Health Research Centers' most recent research.
  • Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage Among Rural Children
    Date: 08/2019
    This resource examines pediatric insurance coverage, poverty rates, and Medicaid enrollment by race/ethnicity in rural and urban communities. The Recap also presents a summary of the research on the impact of coverage on rural access to care.
  • Rural Obstetric Services: Access, Workforce, and Impact
    Date: 04/2019
    This resource presents current hospital-based obstetric closure rates and characteristics of rural communities without and losing obstetric services, as well as the impact of limited access on maternal and child health.
  • State of Rural Women's Healthcare Utilization and Health Indicators
    Date: 04/2019
    Rural women face barriers to accessing preventive health screenings, mental health services, and maternal healthcare. This Recap provides a summary of the research on rural women's utilization of healthcare services, maternal substance use, and other health indicators.


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