Rural and Minority Health Research Center

The Rural and Minority Health Research Center's mission is to illuminate and address the health and social inequities experienced by rural and minoritized populations to promote the health of all through policy-relevant research and advocacy.


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About the Research Center

The Rural and Minority Health Research Center goals are to:

  • Conduct methodologically rigorous and policy-relevant research to provide a clear picture of health status, health care needs, and health services utilization among rural and minoritized populations
  • Investigate policies aimed at improving health and reducing barriers to care among rural and minoritized populations, especially persons experiencing poverty
  • Assess the resources available to, and barriers experienced by, rural and safety net health care providers
  • Promote the professional development of researchers and health care professionals to promote health equity
  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations between researchers and community partners wishing to bridge research and practice
  • Provide expert advice to national, state, and local governments and constituency groups to empower policy development and advocacy

Research History

The Rural Health Research Centers and Policy Analysis Initiatives are funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP). These Centers are funded through multi-year cooperative agreements. This Center has produced research products funded by FORHP during the following years.

  • 2001 - current