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  • Severe Maternal Morbidity and Hospital Transfer Among Rural Residents
    Policy Brief
    University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 11/2019
    In this brief, we compare hospital transfer rates for rural and urban residents who gave birth. We also provide descriptive information about the relationship between transfer status and severe maternal morbidity and mortality for rural residents nationally who gave birth 2008-2014.





  • The Obstetric Care Workforce in Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and Rural Non-CAHs
    Policy Brief
    University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 11/2014
    This brief details rural hospital obstetric staffing patterns in nine states by critical access hospital status. The purpose was to examine obstetric practice models in rural hospitals, providing information to rural hospitals with obstetric care units regarding workforce and informing policymakers about the context in which the hospitals operate.




  • Why Are Fewer Hospitals in the Delivery Business?
    NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
    Date: 04/2007
    This study examines the declining availability of hospital-based obstetric services in rural areas from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s. It looks at potential causes for this trend and explores the effects of medical malpractice reforms.


  • Cesarean Section Rates in Rural Hospitals
    North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center
    Date: 03/2005
    This findings brief examines childbirth delivery patterns in rural hospitals and compares the C-section rate in rural hospitals to that in urban hospitals using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample.