Southwest Rural Health Research Center

Completed Projects

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  • Chronic Disease Management in Rural Areas: Examination of Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care Programs
    The goal of this project was to advance knowledge of the use of DM to address chronic conditions among rural populations, analyzing information from participating health plans and providers about special challenges and effective strategies in DM initiatives targeting rural populations.
    Topics: Chronic diseases and conditions, Medicaid and S-CHIP, Medicare
  • Medicaid Budget Cuts and Long-Term Care Supplement
    Data on each state will be collected identifying all the changes made to their Medicaid program in the area of long-term care or related services to the frail elderly and disabled, and a policy paper addressing the impact of Medicaid cuts on long term care services, particularly among the elderly in rural areas, will be produced.
    Topics: Aging, Disabilities, Health policy, Long term care, Medicaid and S-CHIP
  • Nursing Home Quality: A Comparison between Rural and Non-Rural Nursing Homes
    The research examines the effect of location (rural/non-rural) on the characteristics of nursing homes and residents, and on various indicators of quality of care.
    Topics: Long term care, Quality, Rural statistics and demographics
  • Rural Healthy People 2010 Expansion: Access to Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation Services, Educational and Community-Based Programs, and Public Health Infrastructure
    This project expanded the work of Healthy People 2010 by adding three additional chapters and associated models for practice: Access to Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation Services, Educational and Community-Based Programs, and Public Health Infrastructure.
    Topics: Health services, Healthy People 2010 (Rural), Long term care, Public health
  • State Child Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) and Access to Medical Transportation Program Services
    This project created a typology of S-CHIP models and the interface between each and the existing Medical Transportation Program (MTP) available to Medicaid recipients in select states. In addition, the project compared rural and non-rural variances in patterns of utilization of MTP service in S-CHIP programs, identified the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches utilized by the different state MTP models, and compared the performance of the various state models in assuring access to covered medical services and identified barriers to S-CHIP services.
    Topics: Children, Medicaid and S-CHIP
  • State of Rural Health Provider Organizations and Health Professional Shortages
    This study addresses the convergence of health professions shortages and financial limitations among rural hospitals and rural home health providers. Successful strategies or best practices implemented in rural areas to address the shortages will be identified.
    Topics: Allied health professionals, Home health, Nurses, Workforce