Rural Healthy People 2010 Expansion: Access to Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation Services, Educational and Community-Based Programs, and Public Health Infrastructure

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December 2004

The Rural Healthy People 2010 project reviews research literature and models for practice on rural health priority areas among the Healthy People 2010 focus areas and objectives with a focus on rural urban disparities in prevalence, morbidity/mortality, barriers, and proposed solutions. This project will expand the work of Healthy People 2010 by focusing on the rural constituency, and document any associated disparities, barriers, and solutions unique to rural America.

The companion document to date addresses the following focus areas: access to quality health services, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, immunization and infectious diseases, injury and violence prevention, maternal, infant, and child health, mental health and mental disorders, nutrition, oral health, substance abuse, and tobacco use. For the 2003-2004 project year, the project researchers expanded the document by adding three additional chapters and associated models for practice in the following topic areas: Access to Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation Services; Education and Community-Based Programs, and Public Health Infrastructure.

View these three new focus areas and associated models on the Rural Healthy People 2010 webpage.

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