Rural Healthy People 2010: A Companion Document for Rural Areas

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May 2003

The purpose of the project is to create a companion document to Healthy People 2010, with the focus on addressing rural health priorities. This project identified and examined approximately one dozen high priority objectives for rural health as a subset of the hundreds of objectives defined within Healthy People 2010 including, Access to Quality Health Services (Insurance, Primary Care, and EMS); Cancer; Diabetes; Heart Disease and Stroke; Maternal, Infant, and Child Health; Mental Health and Mental Disorders; Nutrition and Overweight Concerns; Oral Health; Substance Abuse; and Tobacco Use.

Results of surveys of national, state, and local rural agencies and provider organizations, along with other criteria, were used in the identification of rural health priorities. Surveys and other contacts helped to identify state and community initiatives targeting rural areas that are considered models for practice for the selected priority objectives. Research and practice literatures associated with each of the selected objectives were investigated by the project research teams and summarized along with associated models for practice.

View the models for practice and literature reviews on the Rural Healthy People 2010 webpage.