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  • Rural Vets: Their Barriers, Problems, Needs
    Maine Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 05/2013
    Evolving population trends--the aging of rural veterans, the growing number of female veterans and rates of homelessness among veterans--place significant demands on VA and rural delivery systems. Coordination among healthcare providers is essential to increasing the availability of services and expanding veteran outreach programs.


  • Health Care Access and Use Among the Rural Uninsured
    Maine Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 08/2012
    Examines whether uninsured rural residents have different patterns of healthcare use than their urban counterparts, and the factors associated with any differences.



  • Prioritizing Patient Safety Interventions in Small Rural Hospitals
    Maine Rural Health Research Center, Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 12/2006
    Determines if 26 patient safety practices recommended by an expert panel as relevant to rural hospitals would be validated in terms of rural relevance and implementability by administrators and quality managers. This research was supported by funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Office of Rural Health Policy.
  • Out-of-Pocket Health Spending and the Rural Underinsured
    Maine Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 11/2006
    This article estimates underinsurance rates among privately insured rural residents and the characteristics associated with rural underinsurance.
  • Mental Health Care in Rural Communities: the Once and Future Role of Primary Care
    Maine Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 2006
    Discusses issues related to the delivery of mental health services in the United States. Addresses how these issues complicate the delivery of services in rural areas. Offers an argument for integrating primary care and mental health in rural areas.


  • Understanding the Impacts of the Medicare Modernization Act: Concerns of Congressional Staff
    Maine Rural Health Research Center, RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis, Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 2005
    The most efficient mechanism for research to affect policy is to provide policy makers with information on issues about which they have voiced concern. The Rural Policy Research Institute's Health Panel conducted 2 focus groups with 16 congressional staff in 2004 to identify a set of researchable questions concerning rural healthcare.


  • Comparative Performance Data for Critical Access Hospitals
    Maine Rural Health Research Center, North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center
    Date: 2004
    Discusses the potential use of comparative performance data for critical access hospitals (CPD-CAH) to facilitate performance and quality improvement. Covers potential benefits and drawbacks of CPD-CH and identifies issues in the development and implementation of CPD-CAH.