A Comparison of Evidence-Based Supports for Maternal and Infant Health in 133 Rural U.S. Counties With and Without Hospital-Based Obstetric Care


This infographic offers a comparative look at evidence-based supports available for maternal and infant health in rural counties with recently closed obstetric units (within the past 10 years) and those with hospital-based obstetric care at the time of the survey, in 2021. We developed and conducted a web-based survey to describe availability of evidence-based supports in rural communities across the United States. This infographic presents information from 133 rural hospital administrators that responded; 93 had currently operating obstetric units, and 40 had closed their obstetric units in the past 10 years.

University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
Phoebe Chastain, Mariana Tuttle, Alyssa Fritz, Bridget Basile Ibrahim, Katy Kozhimannil