Social determinants of health

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  • Rural Communities: Age, Income, and Health Status
    Date: 11/2018
    While studies discuss the implications of income or age on health-seeking behavior, health status, access, or utilization of care, it is imperative to recognize what this means for older and lower-income rural communities. This Recap identifies rural disparities in age, health status, and income.
  • Rural Ethnic/Racial Disparities: Adverse Health Outcomes
    Date: 11/2020
    Rural minority group populations often experience dual disparities in health. This recap summarizes adverse health outcomes across these populations including premature death, age-adjusted mortality, disability status, and obesity rates.
  • Rural Ethnic/Racial Disparities: Social and Systemic Inequities
    Date: 11/2020
    This resource examines social and systemic inequities that influence disparities in health among minority group populations. Rural non-white populations experience both residence-based and racial/ethnicity-based health disparities.


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