Rural Minority Health: A Comprehensive Assessment of Health Status, Health Care Utilization and Barriers to Care Among Rural Minorities

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August 2002
Informed policy begins with epidemiology. Without a clear picture of the rural minority population, policy will be based on extrapolation from limited area studies, from urban populations, and from rural white populations. Few studies attempt to characterize the rural minority population and even fewer do so on a national basis. To remedy this gap, this project will conduct original analyses on eight available national data sets pertaining to population demographics, health status and health care utilization. These include USA Counties (a Census compilation), the National Health Interview Survey, the National Health and Nutrition Survey, the National Ambulatory Care Medical Care Survey, the National Hospital Ambulatory Care Medical Care Survey, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and the Area Resource File. At the completion of the project, the Office of Rural Health Policy will have an accessible, easily distributed baseline document outlining health status, health behaviors, and access to care among rural minorities that can be used for policy planning and analysis.