Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center

Completed Projects

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  • Assessing the Rural Relevance of Hospital Outpatient Quality Measures
    The purpose of this project is to: 1) determine the diagnoses that are most commonly treated and the procedures most commonly performed in rural hospital outpatient settings; and 2) to evaluate the rural relevance of the proposed new CMS outpatient quality measures and other potential outpatient quality measures.
    Topics: Hospitals and clinics, Quality



  • Critical Access Hospital Readiness for CMS Value-Based Purchasing
    The purpose of this project will be to assess Critical Access Hospital readiness for participation in a Value-based Purchasing program similar to that proposed by CMS for Prospective Payment System hospitals.
    Topics: Critical Access Hospitals, Healthcare financing, Quality
  • Developing Quality Measures and Communication Strategies for Rural Patient Transfers
    The purpose of this project is to quantify the complexity of the coordination of patient care in rural health care systems and to expand our work on developing quality measures for rural patients whose care is transferred between providers.
    Topic: Quality
  • Health Information Technology and Quality in Rural Hospitals
    The purpose of this project is to: 1) examine the adoption of health information technology (HIT) among rural hospitals and identify hospital and market characteristics that facilitate or impede HIT diffusion; 2) measure the effect of HIT on clinical quality in rural hospitals; and 3) identify technologies that may be promoted to improve quality of care in rural areas.
    Topics: Health information technology, Hospitals and clinics, Quality
  • Impact of Expansion of Ambulatory Surgery Centers on Rural Hospitals and Communities
    This project will examine the extent of freestanding ambulatory surgery center (ASC) expansion into rural communities between 1998 and 2005, the market factors driving that expansion, and the impact of ASCs on the operational and financial viability of rural hospitals located in the same communities.
    Topics: Health services, Healthcare financing
  • Patient Assessments and Quality of Care in Rural Hospitals
    This study will 1)analyze the relationships between rural patients' perspectives of hospital quality of care and key hospital characteristics that may influence patients' experiences of hospital care; and 2) assess whether rural patients' perspectives of hospital quality of care are related to quality measures focused on the provision of recommended care for medical conditions.
    Topics: Health services, Quality


  • Implementation of Telepharmacy in Rural Hospitals: Potential for Improving Medication Safety
    The purpose of this project is to describe successful telepharmacy activities and to analyze policy issues related to the implementation of telepharmacy projects in rural hospitals. These policy issues include the potential impact of telepharmacy use on the quality of pharmaceutical services and medication safety for rural patients.
    Topics: Hospitals and clinics, Pharmacy and prescription drugs, Quality, Telehealth





  • Acute and Post-Acute Care Bundled Payments and Care Coordination in Rural Environments
    The purpose of this project is to: 1) Identify opportunities and potential unintended consequences for rural providers of current proposals for implementing bundled payments for acute and post-acute care episodes; 2) Describe modifications to current bundling proposals that will address rural-specific issues; and 3) Identify quality measures related to care coordination that are relevant for rural patients whose services are reimbursed by a bundled payment.
    Topics: Health services, Post-acute care, Quality