Update: Health Insurance and Utilization of Care Among Rural Adolescents

Journal of Rural Health

Using data from the 1999-2000 National Health Interview Survey, the authors found that across races, rural adolescents were as likely to have insurance but less likely to report a preventive visit than urban children; residence did not affect the likelihood of a visit or a usual source of care. Minority rural adolescents were less likely than whites to be insured, report a visit, or have a usual source of care. The authors conclude that most barriers to care among rural and minority youth are attributable to factors originating outside the health care system, such as language, living situation, caretaker education, and income. A combination of outreach activities and programs to enhance rural schools and economic opportunities will be needed to improve coverage and utilization among adolescents.

Rural and Minority Health Research Center
Janice Probst, Charity Moore, Elizabeth Baxley