Collecting and Analyzing Data on a Uniform Set of Measures from the Evidence-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program Grantees

Research center:
Rural Telehealth Research Center
Phone: 319.384.3830
Lead researcher:
Project funded:
September 2016
Project completed:
August 2017

The primary purpose of this project was to routinely collect data from the grantees using the revised Tele-Emergency Performance Assessment Reporting Tool, perform regular quality checks and data management activities, increase the telehealth sample size using a targeted intervention, and begin descriptive statistical analysis.

The project: 1) collected retrospective and prospective data on the uniform set of measures from the six Evidence-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program grantees based on the established procedures and protocols (from Projects 1A and 1B in Year 1); 2) reviewed and provided feedback on the quality of data, and worked through data collection issues; 3) identified the expected extent of data collection periods based on the number of tele-ED encounters reported and desired power; 4) developed and implemented a targeted plan for increasing telehealth consultation for rural sepsis patients; 5) performed periodic descriptive statistical analysis to identify the ability to address the research questions; 6) developed procedures for identifying and collecting data on the uniform set of measures from an appropriate comparison group that did not utilize tele-ED; 7) developed a research analysis plan specifying the appropriate analytical approaches and statistical methods that could be used to answer priority research questions based on the collected data; and 8) mapped out manuscript writing plans.