South Carolina Rural Health Research Center

Current Projects

  • Characteristics and Utilization Patterns of Rural Medicaid Recipients
    This study will use the Medicaid Analytic Extract file to examine the characteristics of persons enrolled in Medicaid by type of eligibility. The study will also examine overall utilization and total payments for this utilization. All estimates will be subset by rurality and region.
    Topics: Medicaid and S-CHIP, Rural statistics and demographics
  • For Amber "Waives" of Grain: The Impact of Medicaid Managed Care Waiver Programs on Care Choices in Rural America
    This project will use a combination of systematic review of waiver content and structured interviews with key informants to assess the potential for rural disparities in access to care for Medicaid enrollees.
    Topics: Health disparities, Medicaid and S-CHIP
  • Potential Impact of ESRD Payment Reform on Rural Dialysis Patients
    This study will estimate the potential implications of rural dialysis facility loss for rural patients. Specifically, we will identify low-volume dialysis facilities in rural areas, profile the patients they serve, and estimate the additional travel burden that these patients would experience if facilities close.
    Topics: Health services, Hospitals and clinics
  • Social Determinants of Health Among Minority Populations in Rural America
    This project will compile information from the U.S. Census, the Area Health Resource File, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Rankings data set into a comprehensive summary of key social determinants of health among rural populations: demographic characteristics, economic characteristics, health facility availability, and selected health outcomes.
    Topics: African Americans, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Hispanics, Minority health, Rural statistics and demographics