Children and adolescents

Current Projects

  • Creating County- and Census Tract-Level Estimates of Childhood Obesity in the U.S.: A Spatial Multilevel Modeling Approach
    Using the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health, spatial multilevel models will be constructed to estimate county- and Census tract-level rates of childhood obesity in the U.S. Particular emphasis will be placed on rural areas, for which direct estimates are often unavailable because of small sample sizes in population-based surveys.
    Research center: Rural and Minority Health Research Center
    Topics: Children and adolescents, Obesity
  • Predictors and Barriers to Achieving Immunization in Rural and Urban Areas
    Prenatal and timely childhood immunizations offer the optimal strategy for preventing severe morbidity and mortality due to vaccine-preventable disease. This project will evaluate possible gaps in immunization services for pregnant women and their infants in rural areas as compared to urban areas.
    Research center: Southwest Rural Health Research Center
    Topics: Children and adolescents, Health promotion and disease prevention, Health services, Maternal health