Mary Wakefield, PhD, RN

Publications - (14)


  • Implementing Patient Safety Initiatives in Rural Hospitals
    Journal Article
    University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 09/2009
    This article describes the Tennessee Rural Hospital Patient Safety Demonstration project, whose goal was to strengthen capacity for patient safety initiatives in eight small Tennessee rural hospitals using a multi-organizational collaborative model. The demonstration identified and facilitated implementation of three patient safety interventions.



  • Prioritizing Patient Safety Interventions in Small Rural Hospitals
    Journal Article
    Maine Rural Health Research Center, Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 12/2006
    Determines if 26 patient safety practices recommended by an expert panel as relevant to rural hospitals would be validated in terms of rural relevance and implementability by administrators and quality managers. This research was supported by funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Office of Rural Health Policy.
  • A Rural Healthcare Quality Agenda
    Journal Article
    Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 09/2006
    An editorial that highlights aspects of the Institute of Medicines' report "Quality Through Collaboration: The Future of Rural Health," known as the "rural report." The editorial serves as an introduction to the journal's special issue on healthcare quality in rural health.


  • Prevalence of Chronic Disease Among American Indian and Alaska Native Elders
    Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 10/2005
    This report examines chronic disease prevalence and functional limitations among American Indian/Alaska Natives by rurality, gender, age, healthcare access, and health behaviors. It includes policy recommendations.
  • Understanding the Impacts of the Medicare Modernization Act: Concerns of Congressional Staff
    Journal Article
    Maine Rural Health Research Center, RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis, Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 2005
    The most efficient mechanism for research to affect policy is to provide policy makers with information on issues about which they have voiced concern. The Rural Policy Research Institute's Health Panel conducted 2 focus groups with 16 congressional staff in 2004 to identify a set of researchable questions concerning rural healthcare.