Family Medicine Rural Training Track Graduates: Determinants of Rural and Urban Practice

Research center:
Lead researcher:
Project funded:
September 2013
Project completed:
July 2016

This project will survey physicians trained in "1-2" Rural Training Track (RTT) family medicine residencies to understand the characteristics, experiences, and attitudes that influenced their rural or urban practice choices. Understanding the factors that determine practice choices of RTT graduates can help improve recruitment of residents who will ultimately fulfill RTTs' mission of preparing family physicians for rural practice.


  • Graduates of Rural-centric Family Medicine Residencies: Determinants of Rural and Urban Practice
    Policy Brief
    WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 07/2016
    This study of graduates of family medicine residencies seeking to produce rural physicians identified influences on rural practice choice, including significant others, residency, and practice communities. Findings point to the need to sustain the preferences of physicians interested in rural practice and encourage this interest in others.