HIV and Hepatitis C in Rural Areas: Prevalence, Service Availability, and Challenges

Duration: approximately minutes

In this webinar, speakers highlighted findings from recent work on estimating HIV prevalence and maternal hepatitis C prevalence in rural areas across the U.S. Speakers also discussed findings from a qualitative study on the challenges and promising practices in addressing HIV and hepatitis C outbreaks in rural areas. Presenters for this webinar included Katherine Ahrens and Amanda Burgess from the Maine Rural Health Research Center.

Katherine Ahrens Katherine Ahrens, PhD, MPH

Katherine Ahrens is an epidemiologist and assistant research professor in the Public Health Program at the University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service. Her research focuses on maternal and child health. She is also the co-investigator from Maine for the Medicaid Outcomes Distributed Research Network and a research investigator at the Maine Rural Health Research Center.

Amanda Burgess Amanda Burgess, MPPM

Amanda Burgess is a Research Associate at the Maine Rural Health Research Center. Her research interests include access to healthcare services, telehealth, and infectious disease.

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