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  • Barriers to Nursing Home Care for Nonelderly Rural Residents
    University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 12/2017
    This study uses data from 23 semi-structured interviews with rural hospital discharge planners in five states to identify specific barriers to finding nursing home care for nonelderly rural residents. We found three primary themes—payment status, fit, and medical complexity—as well as two minor themes—caregivers and bureaucratic processes.



  • Rural Implications of Medicare's Post-Acute-Care Transfer Payment Policy
    NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
    Date: 2005
    Examines how the initial policy change affected rural and urban hospitals and investigates the likely impact of the FY2004 expansion and other possible future expansions. The authors conclude that rural hospitals are not disproportionately harmed by the post-acute-care transfer policy.