Care management

Current Projects

  • Current State of Remote Patient Monitoring: A Landscape Analysis
    The use and reimbursement of remote patient monitoring (RPM) has changed drastically in the last decade. This study aims to summarize the current state of telehealth RPM services provided in the U.S. healthcare systems and summarize how telehealth RPM have been utilized in the literature, along with a case study of recent RPM reimbursement rates.
    Research center: Rural Telehealth Evaluation Center
    Topics: Care management, Health information technology, Health services, Healthcare access, Hospitals and clinics, Legislation and regulation, Public health, Telehealth
  • Evaluating the Rural HIV/AIDS Planning Grant Program
    The Rural HIV/AIDS Planning Grant program is administered by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to plan and develop healthcare networks designed to address HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in states disproportionately impacted by the virus. This project will identify factors that facilitate and impede success of such planning efforts.
    Research center: University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Topics: Care management, Chronic diseases and conditions, Health disparities and health equity, Healthcare access, Minority health, Networking and collaboration
  • How Does Participation in Medicare Accountable Care Organizations Affect Rural Hospital Financial Outcomes?
    This project will examine the impact of Medicare Accountable Care Organizations' (ACOs') participation on rural hospitals' financial outcomes. Findings from this project will provide policy-relevant information on how ACO participation affects rural hospitals' financial bottom lines, contributing to further program design.
    Research center: RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis
    Topics: Care management, Health reform, Health services, Hospitals and clinics, Medicare
  • Rural and Urban Cancer Survivors' Follow-Up Care Experiences
    This project examines rural vs. urban differences in cancer survivors' follow-up care experiences using the 2017 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.
    Research center: Rural and Underserved Health Research Center
    Topics: Cancer, Care management, Health disparities and health equity, Health services, Healthcare access, Physicians, Post-acute care, Quality