Joel Halverson, PhD

Completed Projects - (2)

  • Rural Food Security, Food Availability, and Health Outcomes
    This project will examine the characteristics of food security and food availability across the rural-urban continuum. The study will test the hypotheses that food insecurity will differ significantly between rural and urban counties in the U.S. with rural areas experiencing more adverse conditions; and that there will be a significant relationship between food insecurity, food availability and selected adverse health outcomes in non-metropolitan counties in the U.S.
    Research center: West Virginia Rural Health Research Center
    Topic: Obesity
  • Rural Socioeconomic Risk and Resiliency Inventory and Associated Health Outcomes
    This study will create a national inventory of social and economic risks and resiliencies for every county in the nation, and relate those risks to health outcome data. The study will test whether rural areas with fewer risks and greater resiliencies are related to better health outcomes.
    Research center: West Virginia Rural Health Research Center
    Topics: Environmental and agricultural health, Poverty

Publications - (6)