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The full list of freely-available research products from the Rural Health Research Centers, including policy briefs, reports, chartbooks, interactive data websites, and more.

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Five Most Recent Research Products

  • Rural-Urban Variations in Medicare Live Discharge Patterns from Hospice, 2012-2013
    Policy Brief
    Rapid Response to Requests for Rural Data Analysis
    This brief 1) provides an overview of the geographic distribution of “freestanding” (i.e., rather than those co-located in a hospital, home health agency, or skilled nursing facility) rural and urban hospices and, 2) explores live discharge rates for hospices operating in rural versus urban areas.
  • Regulating Network Adequacy for Rural Populations: Perspectives of Five States
    Policy Brief
    University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    The purpose of this study was to examine how five geographically-diverse states with significant rural populations define "network adequacy" and the degree to which they consider rural issues when regulating networks.
  • Improving Rural Oral Health: Six States’ Response to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Oral Health Strategic Framework
    Policy Brief
    South Carolina Rural Health Research Center
    The U.S. Public Health Service Oral Health Coordinating Committee published the Oral Health Strategic Framework 2014-2017. The framework includes 5 goals for advancing oral health in America. We explore how 6 states have responded to the Strategic Framework; specifically, how they address oral health inter-professional practice, and access to care.
  • Chartbook: Trends in Rural Children’s Oral Health and Access to Care
    South Carolina Rural Health Research Center
    Assessing progress at improving children’s oral health requires examining trends to see whether rural disparities, if present, are being reduced. Our report uses data from the National Survey of Children’s Health (2003, 2007, and 2011- 2012) to assess progress in access to oral health care, and perceived status of teeth among rural children.
  • Regional Differences in Rural and Urban Mortality Trends
    Policy Brief
    North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center
    This brief explores the differences in mortality rates over time by (1) urban and rural location, (2) census division, and (3) urban and rural location within each census division.