Unintentional Injury in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Settings by Race or Ethnicity

Research center:
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Project funded:
September 2020
Project completed:
July 2022

Unintentional injury was the third leading cause of death in 2018. This rate has increased over time in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas from 2014 to 2017. Existing research shows differences in the rates of death from unintentional injury between racial and ethnic groups. It is unclear if race or ethnicity modify the effects of urbanization on death rate. Nonmetropolitan residents have a particularly elevated risk of death from motor vehicle traffic injuries compared to metropolitan residents. Nonmetropolitan and metropolitan rates of death from drug overdose injuries were similar in 2015.

This study sought to understand the relationship between race/ethnicity and urbanization in unintentional injury rates and deaths. This study used Centers for Disease Control WONDER data (2014-2018) and the 2018 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.