Provide Guidance on Measures for the School-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program Evaluation

Research center:
Rural Telehealth Research Center
Phone: 319.384.3830
Lead researcher:
Project funded:
September 2016
Project completed:
August 2017

The primary purpose of this project was to provide guidance on a set of measures that could be used for a cross-grantee evaluation of the School-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP) as specified in Funding Opportunity Announcement HRSA-16-012. The project: 1) reviewed the school-based health clinic and telehealth literature and particularly the literature on school-based telehealth to catalog measures that have previously been used; 2) identified existing measures that were being proposed by stakeholder groups; 3) established a criteria scheme for evaluating candidate measures; 4) conducted an evaluation of candidate measures to identify those most suited to the School-Based TNGP goals; 5) collected feedback on candidate measures; 6) recommended a set of measures to the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy; and 7) documented the process and recommendations.