Analysis of the Effects of Federal Debt Reduction and Long Term Budget Adjustment on Rural Health Care Delivery

Research center:
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Project funded:
September 2011
Project completed:
August 2012
The RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis will examine suggested changes in Medicare and Medicaid as stated in proposals to reduce spending as part of achieving deficit reduction. Given the mix of patient revenues in rural clinics, hospitals, and other provider types any change in payment from public programs will have a disproportionate impact on those providers. The Center's analysis will be both qualitative content analysis of proposals and a quantitative simulation analysis based on likely enrollment of rural residents in Medicare and Medicaid. Products will include a figure comparing content of different proposals regarding concepts driving change such as premium support, spending limits and prescription drugs; and simulations of impact on rural residents and spending for health care services in rural areas. Results will be shared throughout the project with the Office of Rural Health Policy. The comparison chart will be released during the project, and updated periodically as more detailed proposals are available (especially from the Special Committee appointed by Congressional leaders). Center faculty will be available for consultation and presentations before policy audiences.

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