National Study of Rural Medicaid Disease Management

Lead researcher:
Project completed:
August 2007
Currently there are differing estimates of the number of states offering disease management (DM) services through Medicaid. It is also not known how many Medicaid disease management programs offer services to rural clients. The Council of State Governments (CSG) will conduct a national study of Medicaid disease management programs to determine how many states provide DM services in rural areas and what the opportunities and challenges are for states establishing DM programs that serve rural areas. The primary research component will be a national survey of all state Medicaid programs. This survey will identify which states offer disease management (DM) through Medicaid managed care contracts or through stand alone disease management programs. The survey will also identify where these programs operate in rural areas and identify the unique challenges that state DM programs in rural areas face.

CSG's research team will also produce an analysis of state and federal legislation and regulation related to Medicaid disease management in rural areas. Based on the survey results and legal analysis, CSG will conduct thorough interviews with four states that can serve as best practice case studies for operating Medicaid DM in rural areas. CSG will prepare a policy brief and other resources based on the study results that will be disseminated to state legislative and executive branch policymakers.

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