National Rural Hospital Flexibility Program Tracking Project: Analysis of Network Development Strategies and CAH Performance

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August 2003
This study builds upon the findings of the first three years of the National Rural Hospital Flexibility Program and will identify best practices for CAHs to obtain the resources and expertise necessary to negotiate a post-conversion environment. It will provide additional insights to our understanding of how inter-organizational relationships can contribute to the stability and availability of needed rural health care services. The study focuses specifically on the following areas: 1) inter-organizational arrangements among CAHs and between CAHs and their affiliated hospital(s); 2) the role of innovative strategies and organizational relationships in post-conversion operational success; 3) the role of capital in post-conversion strategies; and 4) the degree to which CAHs that are not part of a formal network relationship, health care system or under a management contract are able to successfully negotiate their local market demands.

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