Medical and Mental Health Service Provision Amongst Rural Health Clinics

Research center:
Lead researchers:
Project funded:
September 2023
Anticipated completion date:
August 2024

As of March 2016, Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) billing under the All-Inclusive Rate payment system can only bill for one visit on a given day, even when more than one medically necessary face to face visit with an RHC practitioner takes place. The exceptions to this include when patients are seen for a medical and mental health visit on the same day; RHCs can bill separately for these visits. Stratifying the analyses by type of clinic (independent and provider-based RHCs affiliated with Critical Access Hospitals and Prospective Payment System hospitals) and geographic location, we will address:

  • The extent to which RHCs are providing same day medical and mental health services.
  • The types of providers patients are seeing when they use same day medical and mental health services, versus different day(s).
  • The socioeconomic, geographic, and health status characteristics (e.g., the most common medical and mental health diagnoses) amongst patients receiving these services on the same day, and versus different days.