Rural and Underserved Health Research Center

Current Projects

  • Barriers and Disparities Associated with Pneumococcal Immunization among Rural Elderly Adults
    Our Center will conduct analyses of national survey data and unique insurance claims data sets to identify how rurality of residence and key demographic, social, and economic characteristics serve as barriers or facilitators to vaccination against pneumococcal disease, which is relatively common although largely preventable among older Americans.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Lung Diseases among Coal Miners
    Coal miners are at increased risk of lung diseases. Using secondary datasets, we will assess the distribution of lung diseases across regions, identify patterns of healthcare utilization among miners relative to HRSA-funded Black Lung Clinics, and compare healthcare utilization patterns, behaviors, and comorbidities among miners and non-miners.
    Topics: Chronic diseases and conditions, Environmental and agricultural health, Health disparities and health equity, Health services
  • Mental Health Treatment Access: How Do Mental Health Treatment Use and Unmet Treatment Need Vary among Rural and Urban Adults Nationally?
    This project will estimate the prevalence and policy-modifiable correlates of unmet mental health treatment need and utilization among metropolitan, micropolitan, and other non-metropolitan adults nationally who have a mental health condition. Additionally, the study will investigate the same issues among Native Americans/American Indians.
    Topics: American Indians and Alaska Natives, Health disparities and health equity, Health services, Mental and behavioral health
  • Predictors of Buprenorphine Prescribing by Family Physicians in Rural Areas Nationally
    This project will examine how physician and practice-level characteristics are associated with family physicians prescribing buprenorphine for opioid use disorder across rural and urban areas. The study will make use of a unique dataset collected among family physicians nationally in 2017.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Health services, Mental and behavioral health, Pharmacy and prescription drugs, Physicians, Substance use and treatment
  • Substance Use, Depression, and Suicide: What Are the Individual and Policy-Modifiable Correlates amongst Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Adults?
    We will estimate the prevalence of depression and suicidal ideation and attempts amongst metropolitan and non-metropolitan adults nationally. We will also investigate how demographic, social, economic, and health (including alcohol and drug abuse) as well as healthcare access factors explain depression and suicide indicators amongst residents.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Health services, Mental and behavioral health, Substance use and treatment
  • The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Rural/Urban Variations in Access to Substance Use Treatment
    Research indicates that substance use treatment access is insufficient in rural areas. We will make use of our rare access to restricted use NSDUH data to offer new insights about the impact of Medicaid expansion on access to substance abuse treatment among individuals with substance abuse disorders, analyzing 13 years (2004-2016).
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Health services, Substance use and treatment