Rural and Underserved Health Research Center

Current Projects

  • Longitudinal Trends in Community Mental Health Center and Federally Qualified Health Center Supply in Nonmetropolitan and Metropolitan Counties
    This study will describe how the supply of community mental health centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers has changed over time in nonmetropolitan and metropolitan counties nationally.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Health promotion and disease prevention, Hospitals and clinics, Mental and behavioral health, Rural Health Clinics (RHCs), Substance use and treatment
  • Rural and Urban Cancer Survivors' Follow-Up Care Experiences
    This project examines rural vs. urban differences in cancer survivors' follow-up care experiences using the 2017 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.
    Topics: Cancer, Care management, Health disparities and health equity, Health services, Healthcare access, Physicians, Post-acute care, Quality
  • Rural and Urban Primary Care Physicians' Colorectal Screening Performance
    The objectives of this project are to profile, compare, and further understand rural versus urban differences in colorectal screening performance among primary care physicians nationally.
    Topics: Cancer, Chronic diseases and conditions, Health promotion and disease prevention, Healthcare access, Physicians
  • Rural and Urban Variation in Family Physicians' Demographics and Practices
    This project will examine changes in personal demographics of family physicians comparing urban and rural areas, how these changes align with those of the populations they serve, and how rural physician practices have changed over time. This project uses American Board of Family Medicine data.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Minority health, Physicians, Rural statistics and demographics
  • Rural Family Physicians' Ability to Address Patients' Social Determinants of Health Needs
    This project examines how practice-level and community-level characteristics are associated with a family physician's assessment of their practice's ability to address patients' social needs.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Physicians, Poverty, Social determinants of health
  • Serious Mental Illness and Access to Care Among Rural and Urban Adults
    Very little research has examined the prevalence of serious mental illness and access to mental health treatment among rural relative to urban adults in the U.S. Using nationally representative data, this project will shed new light on the prevalence and correlates of serious mental illness and related access to mental health services.
    Topics: Health disparities and health equity, Healthcare access, Hospitals and clinics, Mental and behavioral health, Substance use and treatment
  • Unintentional Injury in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Settings by Race or Ethnicity
    This study will describe the rates of fatal and nonfatal unintentional injury comparing metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas, stratified by race or ethnicity. This study will use Centers for Disease Control WONDER data (2014-2018) and the 2018 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.
    Topics: Emergency medical services and trauma, Health disparities and health equity