Rural Healthy People 2030: Charting a Course for Rural Health Over the Next Decade

Duration: approximately minutes

Rural Healthy People 2030 is a companion to the federal Healthy People 2030 program designed to set health promotion and disease prevention goals for the United States over the next decade. Relying on data from a national survey of rural stakeholders, Rural Healthy People 2030 works to identify the most important Healthy People priorities for rural America, as identified by rural stakeholders, for the current decade.

This presentation reported on the findings from Rural Healthy People 2030. It identified the most important health topics for rural communities over the next decade and how rural health priorities have changed over the three decades of the Rural Healthy People initiative. The presentation reported on the Rural Healthy People 2030 edited volume and concluded by considering the best course for improving rural health over the next decade.


Timothy Callaghan, PhD
Timothy Callaghan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Law, Policy, and Management at the Boston University School of Public Health. Dr. Callaghan's research focuses on how politics, policy, and place work together to influence health in America. He has conducted extensive research on how politics influences health access for vulnerable populations, individual health attitudes and behaviors, and rural health. Dr. Callaghan served as the Director of Evaluation for the Southwest Rural Health Research Center from 2018-2022 and was awarded the 2022 Journal of Rural Health Article of the Year Award for his work on COVID-19 in rural areas.

Alva Ferdinand, DrPH, JD
Alva Ferdinand is the Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Texas A&M School of Public Health. Her research interests are health laws and ethics, disparities in health outcomes, research integrity, state and federal regulation in health care delivery and effectiveness at laws aimed at improving public health. Dr. Ferdinand is the director of the nationally-recognized Southwest Rural Health Research Center. The center focuses on policy-relevant research on meeting the needs of rural populations, minority populations, and health disparities (including border health). Her ground-breaking research has influenced life-saving health policies, particularly Texas' texting while driving ban.

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