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  • Dentist Supply, Dental Care Utilization, and Oral Health Among Rural and Urban U.S. Residents
    WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 05/2015
    Residents of non-metropolitan counties were less likely than those in metropolitan counties to report having dental visits or teeth cleanings in the last year and more likely to report undergoing tooth extractions. These findings persisted even when controlling for demographic factors, income, insurance, and health/smoking status.


  • The 2014 Update of the Rural-Urban Chartbook
    North Dakota and NORC Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center
    Date: 10/2014
    This chartbook includes trends and disparities in urban/rural health. Reports on population characteristics include age, race and ethnicity, and poverty; risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, and obesity; mortality data; health status measures such as adolescent births and total tooth loss; healthcare access/use; and mental health measures.


  • Dental Sealant Utilization Among Rural and Urban Children
    Rural and Minority Health Research Center
    Date: 03/2013
    This report examines the proportion of rural children who have received dental sealants applied to the surface of their teeth to prevent or delay the development of dental decay.
  • Rural Border Health Chartbook
    Rural and Minority Health Research Center
    Date: 01/2013
    The chartbook examines potential geographic and ethnic disparities among U.S. border residents and describes select indicators related to access to care, women's preventive services, oral health, infectious and communicable diseases, and mental health that have been identified as disparities.





  • The Crisis in Rural Dentistry
    Policy Brief
    WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 04/2009
    Reports from the surgeon general and the Institute of Medicine call for more dentists in rural locations. Federal and state programs have focused on expanding the rural dentist supply, but efforts may need to intensify to meet the needs of rural communities.



  • Rural Dental Practice: A Tale of Four States (Full Report)
    WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 03/2006
    This paper reports the findings of a study investigating rural dentist issues, such as demography, training, practice characteristics, staff, and job satisfaction, in Alabama, California, Maine, and Missouri.
  • Rural Dental Practice: A Tale of Four States (Project Summary)
    WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 03/2006
    This project summary provides an overview of survey results of rural dentists in Alabama, California, Maine, and Missouri. It provides charts and statistics on dentist demographics, dental hygienist and dental assistant vacancy rates, and dentist participation in Medicaid.
  • The Effect of Rural Residence On Dental Unmet Need for Children With Special Health Care Needs
    Journal Article
    North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center
    Date: 2006
    Unmet need for dental care is the most prevalent unmet healthcare need among children with special healthcare needs (CSHCN). The combination of rural residence and special healthcare needs may leave rural CSHCN particularly vulnerable to high levels of unmet dental needs.


  • Dentist Vacancies in Federally Funded Health Centers
    WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 12/2005
    This project summary presents results for dentists from a study of staffing needs at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). It provides information on dentist vacancy rates by rural and urban location and compares dentist vacancies to other healthcare provider vacancies at FQHCs.