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  • Which Medicare Patients Are Transferred from Rural Emergency Departments?
    Policy Brief
    University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 06/2014

    Analyzes transfers of Medicare beneficiaries who received emergency care in a CAH or rural hospital and were transferred to another hospital for care.

    Key findings include the following:

    • Among Medicare beneficiaries who received same-day emergency care and inpatient care in 2010, the inpatient stay was in a different hospital for 28.4% of the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) emergency encounters, compared to 9.0% for rural non-CAHs, and 2.0% for urban hospitals.
    • The majority of transferred CAH and rural non-CAH emergency patients went to urban hospitals for inpatient care. By diagnosis, most transferred patients with intracranial injuries and cardiac-related diagnoses went to urban hospitals, while 35%-45% of patients with certain mental health diagnoses were transferred to other CAHs or rural non-CAHs.