James Laditka, PhD

Completed Projects - (2)

  • Disability Burdens Among Rural and Urban Older Americans
    This project will use the 1994-2000 Second Longitudinal Study of Aging to develop detailed estimates of healthy, disabled, and total life expectancy among rural and urban populations. We will develop and compare the estimates between women and men, by race/ethnicity, and across differing levels of education.
    Research center: Rural and Minority Health Research Center
    Topics: Aging, Disabilities, Health disparities and health equity, Long-term care, Rural statistics and demographics
  • Effect of Safety Net Providers on Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospitalization Rates in Rural Counties
    This project will determine if the presence of a community health center or rural health clinic in a county reduces ambulatory care sensitive hospitalizations for children, working age adults, and older adults.
    Research center: Rural and Minority Health Research Center
    Topics: Chronic diseases and conditions, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Health services, Poverty, Rural Health Clinics (RHCs)

Publications - (9)


  • Suicide Rates and Risks Across U.S. Industries: A 29-Year Population-Based Survey
    Journal Article
    Rural and Underserved Health Research Center
    Date: 01/2024
    Combining 29 years of U.S. suicide data using the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)-Mortality Linked data from 1986 through 2014, with mortality follow-up through 2015, this study estimates suicide risks across industries in the U.S. working population.