Dennis Mohatt

Director, WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research

Phone: 303.541.0256

WICHE Rural Mental Health Research Center
PO Box 9752
Boulder, CO 80301-9752

Completed Projects - (3)

Addressing Suicide Potential and Prevention in Rural and Frontier Areas and Development of a Suicide-Prevention Training Protocol
Depression and suicide are especially relevant today in rural areas. This project will determine rural high-risk suicide areas, and develop a suicide prevention training protocol for primary care providers in these rural areas.
Research center: WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research
Topic: Mental health
Assessment of the Mental Health Funding Marketplace in Rural vs. Urban Settings
This study will use nationally representative data to assess how mental health (MH) services are paid for in rural areas and determine differences in payment sources between rural and urban areas. If payment sources significantly vary in rural vs. urban settings, then policies that are aimed specifically at sources of funding may have a differential impact on subsequent access to and utilization of care and point to the need for policies that are specifically targeted to rural communities.
Research center: WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research
Topics: Healthcare financing, Mental health
Differences in Prescribing Patterns of Psychotropic Medication for Children and Adolescents between Rural and Urban Prescribers
This is an investigation of the extent to which psychotropic medication is prescribed to youth (17 and under) by primary care physicians, psychiatrists, or other prescribers in rural versus urban areas. It will also look at the particular types of medications being prescribed by age, sex, and other demographic variables.
Research center: WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research
Topics: Mental health, Pharmacy and prescription drugs

Publications - (2)

  • Distance Education Training in Behavioral Health: A Rural Primary Care Needs Assessment and Pilot Webcast
    WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research
    Date: 08/2009
    Primary care providers (PCPs) are often the first and only resource for rural and frontier residents needing mental health care. Training on mental health issues is not easily accessible for PCPs working in rural settings. Distance education offers a low-cost, convenient alternative for PCPs to obtain the information they need to treat the mental health needs of their patients.
  • Mental Health and Rural America: 1994-2005
    WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research
    Date: 2006
    Provides a summary of the current knowledge base surrounding mental health issues in America's rural and frontier areas and an overview of the environment of mental health in rural areas over three decades. Includes an annotated bibliography.