Charles D. Phillips, PhD

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  • Assisted Living in Rural America: Results From a National Survey
    Southwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 03/2005
    This article examines the assisted living industry in metropolitan and rural areas. Results indicate that assisted living was largely a private-pay form of long-term care and was more common in metropolitan than rural areas. Findings suggest that assisted living will make only a marginal contribution to meeting the needs in rural areas.


  • Rurality and Nursing Home Quality: Results From a National Sample of Nursing Home Admissions
    Journal Article
    Southwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 10/2004
    There are higher percentages of elderly population in and the utilization rates of nursing homes are higher in rural areas. Overall, problems in rural nursing homes are at a much higher risk for poor outcomes, but it is most apparent in extremely isolated rural areas.
  • Nursing Homes in Rural And Urban Areas, 2001
    Southwest Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 06/2004
    This chartbook provides descriptive data on the entire population of longer-stay nursing home residents in the country in 2001 and categorizes them according to the rurality of the nursing homes in which they receive care in an effort to address questions related to residents' characteristics and quality of care.are.