Angela Hagaman, DrPH, MA

Rural Health Equity Research Center

Phone: 423.439.7532

Public Health, Community and Behavioral Health
East Tennessee State University
ETSU Innovation Lab, 2109 West Market Street
Johnson City, TN 37614

Current Projects - (1)

  • Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Penetration in Rural vs. Urban Healthcare Settings in the U.S.
    This study will include an analysis of 2018/2019 Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial claims to compare the penetration of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and its different components in rural compared to urban healthcare settings. Within the overarching analysis, the study team will examine the type of interventions conducted within the SBIRT framework stratified by provider type, healthcare setting, and rural and urban provider ZIP codes. Findings will be analyzed within the context of county-level substance use rates, historical enactment of state SBIRT billing codes, overdoses, and alcohol poisoning-based hospital admissions contrasting trends in SBIRT administration with a proxy for community need.
    Research center: Rural Health Equity Research Center
    Topics: Chronic diseases and conditions, Health promotion and disease prevention, Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare, Mental and behavioral health, Private health insurance, Public health, Substance use and treatment

Completed Projects - (3)

  • Assessment of the Area Deprivation Index in Rural Areas
    The Area Deprivation Index (ADI) was created by University of Wisconsin researchers to provide a score for neighborhoods based on their level of disadvantage. This study characterized differences in ADI in rural vs urban areas, summarized the existing literature on ADI, and described expert considerations for utilizing the ADI for future policy.
    Research center: Rural Health Equity Research Center
    Topics: Frontier health, Health disparities and health equity, Poverty, Rural statistics and demographics, Social determinants of health
  • Examining the Burden of Public Stigma Associated with Mental Illness in the Rural U.S.
    This project quantitatively examined the burden of public stigma associated with mental illness in rural versus nonrural communities using a nationally representative panel-based survey. Findings inform strategies aimed at reducing stigma and improving the lives of those experiencing mental illness in rural communities.
    Research center: Rural Health Equity Research Center
    Topics: Health services, Mental and behavioral health
  • Following the Money: Do Block Grant Resources Reach Rural Communities?
    This project applied a mixed methods design to describe the distribution of block grant resources from federal agencies through states to the local level in rural and non-rural communities in the United States. Findings could guide federal agencies and policy makers to develop strategies to more effectively target block grant resources to ensure that the needs of vulnerable rural populations are addressed.
    Research center: Rural Health Equity Research Center
    Topics: Health services, Healthcare financing, Public health, Rural statistics and demographics