How State Rural Health Directors Obtain Policy-Relevant Research Information


Policy brief summarizes how information pertinent to rural health policy activities of the state offices is obtained. The primary sources of policy-relevant information identified by directors are: the Internet, information sharing with others, and strategic partnerships with organizations outside the traditional health policy arena. The study also found that the organizational location of the state's office of rural health may affect the level of resources available for information gathering. The brief identifies steps to ensure that needed information can be accessed in the future: 1) state offices should have and maintain adequate resources to ensure ready access to electronic forms of information; 2) state offices should continue to share information on sources of health policy research; and 3) study further the implications of organizational form of state offices on resources available for getting needed information.

NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
Michael O'Grady, Curt Mueller, Gail Wilensky