Mini-Studies to Inform Health Reform Efforts

Project funded:
September 2009
Project completed:
August 2011
Characteristics of rural residents, combined with challenges faced by rural providers, make rural health care systems far more vulnerable to changes in federal health care policy than are those in urban areas. Because of the characteristics of rural residents and providers, federal health care policy can have a dramatic impact on the health care infrastructure. During the next 12 months, important health policy changes will likely occur, as legislative proposals are enacted and programs are implemented. It will be critical to understand how changes in federal policies and programs will affect rural systems and people. The purpose of this project is to conduct rapid turnaround mini-studies that will be essential to maintain an effective rural voice in both the ongoing adjustments to current policies and the development of new policies.

The design utilized will depend on the focus of the mini-study, but will likely be one of three types: quantitative analyses of secondary data, quantitative analyses of primary data, or qualitative interviews or case studies. Products will likely be short Findings Briefs.

There may be products related to this project; please contact the lead researcher for more information.