Analysis of 2004-2005 State Flex Grant Plans

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January 2005
As part of the Flex Monitoring Team's ongoing work to monitor state level Flex program activities, the University of Southern Maine and the University of Minnesota will collaborate to analyze and synthesize the states' annual state Flex program plans. The research team for this project will analyze state Flex grant applications and related budget and work plan revisions using a data extraction template. The analysis will focus on state activities in the core Flex program areas of networks, quality improvement, and EMS. The data collected through this process will be useful to individual members of the Flex Monitoring Team in conducting their research activities, such as the EMS special study. A briefing paper will be produced highlighting trends in the development and implementation of state Flex programs. This paper will summarize the range of activities undertaken by all participating states across the core Flex Program goals and highlight interesting activities and initiatives (e.g. EMS, QI, Networks) from select individual states. This paper will be useful not only to state level Flex stakeholders who are interested in the activities of other state Flex Programs but also to national stakeholders who are interested in an easily accessible summary of the Flex Program.


  • A Review of State Flex Program Plans, 2004-2005
    Maine Rural Health Research Center, University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 03/2006
    This paper examines the objectives and project activities proposed by states in their Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (Flex Program) grant applications for Fiscal Year 2004 to strengthen the rural healthcare infrastructure in their states. It highlights recent trends in state Flex Program planning, development, and implementation.