Chronic Illness and the Rural Informal Safety Net: The Case of Diabetes

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June 2000
In this project, we will investigate urban-rural differences in characteristics of diabetics such as insurance status, income, and access indicators at the national level. We will then study individual cases of uninsured and underinsured diabetics in northern New England, to determine the extent to which the rural informal safety net meets their needs. We will use the National Health Insurance Survey for the quantitative portion of this project. For the qualitative portion of the project, we will interview providers and other key informants in selected communities. Our communities and subjects will be selected from the three northern New England states, one community in each state, only one of which will have a formal safety net provider.


  • Diabetes and the Rural Safety Net
    Maine Rural Health Research Center
    Date: 01/2002
    This paper investigates the extent to which the rural safety net is able to meet the needs of people with diabetes.