Rural Telehealth Research Center

Current Projects

  • Provide Guidance on Measures for the School-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program Evaluation
    RTRC will work cooperatively with FORHP to provide guidance on a set of measures that could be used for a cross-grantee evaluation of the SB TNGP. A secondary goal is to identify lessons learned from this effort that could be useful in designing future TNGP cooperative agreements.
    Topics: Quality, Telehealth
  • Telestroke Adoption, Cost, and Quality in Hospitals in North Carolina
    Examines hospitals in North Carolina to identify all hospitals serving as a telestroke originating site and compare these structural, market, and community characteristics to hospitals that do not provide telestroke. Examines the influence of telestroke program characteristics and process measures on quality measures and costs.
    Topics: Quality, Telehealth
  • Use of Telehealth Services Among Rural Medicaid Enrollees: A Baseline Inventory
    Uses data from the Medicaid Analytic Extract (MAX) for 2011 to create a 50-state, baseline inventory of telehealth services provided to Medicaid enrollees in rural and urban settings. Provides important information on the feasibility of using MAX data to study the effects of Medicaid telehealth policies.
    Topics: Medicaid and S-CHIP, Telehealth