Research Alert: October 30, 2017

Diabetes Mortality and Social Determinants of Health Disparities

These briefs are the first two in a series on the topic of diabetes.

The first brief, Diabetes and Forgone Medical Care due to Cost in the U.S. (2011-2015): Individual-level & Place-based Disparities, used 2011-2015 data from the Behavioral Risk Fact Surveillance System. This study identifies trends in diabetes rates and people with diabetes who forgo medical care. It also identifies geographic and other social determinants of health disparities.

Contact Information:
Samuel D. Towne, Jr, PhD, MPH, CPH
Southwest Rural Health Research Center
Phone: 979.436.9338

The second brief, Diabetes Mortality in Rural America: 1999-2015, used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wonder Database. This study explores diabetes-related mortality during a 16-year period. It pays particular attention to the roles race and rurality play in diabetes-related mortality.

Contact Information:
Timothy Callaghan, PhD
Southwest Rural Health Research Center
Phone: 979.436.0960

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