Current State of Remote Patient Monitoring: A Landscape Analysis

Research center:
Project funded:
September 2020
Anticipated completion date:
February 2022

Because there were significant changes in many state Medicaid remote patient monitoring (RPM) reimbursement policies as well as Medicare reimbursement policies in the last few years, this study aims to address the question: What is the current status of telehealth remote patient monitoring (RPM) in the U.S.? It is important to provide supporting evidence of the current telehealth RPM service adoption, its adoption trend, and its use for policy decision makers in allocating resources to promote telehealth RPM services.

The study proposes to use a mixed methods approach to accomplish the study's goals. Researchers will conduct a retrospective, observational study using the American Hospital Association survey database, a representative sample of U.S. hospitals. Additionally, researchers will conduct a scoping review to summarize how telehealth RPM was reported in the literature. Researchers will present how RPM reimbursement policies have changed in the last five years. A case study to examine RPM utilization, using a selected administrative claims database, will also be conducted.