Rural Health Value Center: Rural Health Systems Analysis and Technical Assistance

One of three FORHP-funded Policy Analysis Initiatives, 2012-2015
Assesses rural impacts of national and state policies and helps rural providers navigate the evolving health care system. Based at the University of Iowa's RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis and operating in partnership with Washington University.


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About the Research Center

Rural Health Value (RHV) is a cooperative agreement between the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, the RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis (RUPRI Center), and Stratis Health. The RHV team will analyze rural implications of changes in the organization, finance, and delivery of health care services and will assist rural communities and providers in the transition to a high performance rural health system. The RUPRI Center brings experience from a variety of research strategies including survey design, qualitative analysis, simulation development, and large national database query and report design. Stratis Health leads collaboration and innovation in health care quality and safety, and serves as a trusted expert in facilitating improvement for people and communities.


To build and distribute a knowledge base through research, practice, and collaboration that helps create high performance rural health systems.

Three Aims

  1. Assess rural implications and facilitate rural adaptability to changes in health care delivery, organization, and finance.
  2. Develop and test technical assistance tools and resources to enable rural providers and communities to prepare for and take full advantage of public policy changes and private sector initiatives.
  3. Inform further developments in public policy and private action through dissemination of findings.